Office 2010 activation Earlier, ChenMeiRong is to the media

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Office 2010 activation Earlier, ChenMeiRong is to the media

said cooker, small home appliance industry is labor intensive, into the threshold is very low, to continue to SEB do tiepai processing love shi of understanding, SEB and no more new technology to provide to China. But once completed merger, Office 2010 home changes life.

France with strong financial strength SEB, will eventually formed in the Chinese market monopoly situation.

At present Chinese hardware products association of the specific attitudes not yet been finalized.

"It marks China's treatment of foreign capital's m&a in progress." The ministry of commerce of the director of research JinBoSheng foreign reporters said that although the ministry of commerce has started to supor deal antitrust program, but now the ministry of commerce by supor comment on whether deal too early, because the ministry of commerce not only according to the opinions of the association of hardware will decide, it should be there will be other considerations. He points out, the ministry of commerce issued "about a foreign investor merges a domestic enterprise" provisions of the later, this is the first only because of the anti-monopoly and start the review of the case, and the xugong deal not completely the same, Office professional 2010 will let your work faster and easier.

because the xugong case suspected major equipment manufacture enterprise how to develop, involves the national economic security.

JinBo survived that no matter xugong deal and supor the ending of deal, it is a good sign, is a good thing, because it means that our country related matters of foreign capital's m&a can finally be through the normal process, began to "work".

Analytic personage points out, there are signs that the French SEB m&a supor anti-monopoly of hearing the case review have begun. Microsoft¡¯s best product is Office 2010 professional .

According to the new rule acquisition regulation, the ministry of commerce will be received provisions of all the documents submitted within 90 days, call the relevant departments, institutions, enterprises and other interested party hearing.




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