Office 2010 beta Texas instruments chief executive Richard Templeton said

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Office 2010 beta Texas instruments chief executive Richard Templeton said

the third quarterly performance for the company history of one of the best level, but he also warned the company period has been reduced by about 12% order.

Quarterly results that day before the issue, on the New York stock market listing of the Texas instruments share price has risen 51 cents, or 1.6%; Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.

Earnings after releasing, in after-hours trading in the shares fell only 58 cents, or 1.8%, to $31.30.

The latest news show that the ministry of commerce has started to supor deal antitrust program, this suggests that supor into the merger of key stage.

This is also the ministry of commerce on August 9 launch "about a foreign investor merges a domestic enterprise of the regulations, the first involves antitrust enterprise merger cases.

According to information, ministry of commerce of the issued a notice for China hardware to the opinions of the deal supor association, China metal products association deputy secretary-general JinLiXin cooking cooker branch has confirmed to the media, buy office 2010 likes the assistant in your office.

the association in October 17 received the notice of the ministry of commerce, ask for association to France SEB merger in supor opinion, but the attitude of the deal to supor association and advice is not clear.

It is reported, love shi, six of its companies, is still significant setback for international efforts to combat SEB takeover of supor. Opposition is highest is as rival love supor shi as a group, the vice President ChenMeiRong says, on October 18, Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?

from Chinese hardware products association news, love of the clear its immediate opposition form and submit documents to the association. And love of the position of the shi consistent, such as its other five against "Sue" union, also still collective against the deal, they said, if SEB absolutely holding supor, monopoly domestic market, will be to society, and industry and the general consumer to cause serious negative effect, called for the ministry of commerce stop by.




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