In investment,

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In investment,

only 1 out of this month's VC/PE background enterprise, the financing of the IPO price of us $035 million, since 2008, the minimum. But the report also shows that the IPO market in April, heat than before, and lower the overall last month, Discount Office 2010 home and student are for you.

 compared to an IPO enterprise quantity, financing amount and average financing amount comprehensive down which, dropped 10%, and the number of the IPO enterprise financing amount fell by 57.9%, the average amount of financing dropped by 53.2%.

¡¾ SaiDiWang noise ¡¿ May 12 news, according to foreign media reports, 9, the European commission on Microsoft in February of the ruling 899 million euros ($1.39 billion) antitrust fines to the European court.

According to Microsoft spokesman says, Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

 the company has to Luxembourg trial courts submitted a constructive appeal document, in order to pursue can cancel the antitrust fine resolution.

And on the other side of the lawsuit the European commission spokesman Jonathan jean todt said: "the European commission insists, to Microsoft punishment river-based approach."

Already suspended nearly four months of radio and television electronic (600602) assets restructuring plan finally come. The company announced today, will be to controlling shareholders through radio and television group, Office professional 2010 is 100% perfect.

and the affiliated party to directional shares radio and television information (600637) cash purchase way into Shanghai, radio and television opto-electronics Co., LTD. A total of 81.25% of the shares in the stake in estimates of 2.648 billion yuan. After completion, radio and television electronic will have 100% of the equity, optoelectronic will complete with the fifth generation tft-lcd business.


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