09/30/2011: Amanda Knox lawyers make final arguments
09/30/2011: Castro calls Obama stupid, slams Cuba policy
09/28/2011: Anna Kendrick Injects Herself Into '50/50' Character
09/28/2011: On the run for 41 years, hijacker traced to Portugal
09/27/2011: Egyptian pipeline bombed again
09/27/2011: Song Or Rhythm? Scientists Examine Why Singing Helps Correct Speech Problems
09/26/2011: Chavez audio recording seeks to dispel rumors about his health
09/26/2011: Dozens arrested in 8th day of 'Occupy Wall Street' protests
09/23/2011: Indian court allows auditors to digitize temple wealth
09/23/2011: After an embarrassing failed vote on Wednesday, House Republican leaders have settled on plan B for passing a resolution to keep the government funded: tack on more spending cuts while taking a political shot at the president.
09/23/2011: Grandmother Lifting Her Voice Up Higher Than Hospital Tower
09/23/2011: Abbas to stake Palestinian claim to state at U.N.
09/22/2011: Abbas pushes for U.N. recognition of Palestinian state
09/22/2011: UBS chief executive to fight for his job
09/21/2011: Turban bomb kills key Afghan political leader
09/21/2011: Savings Experiment: What to Focus on When Buying a Digital Camera
09/21/2011: Old Ketchup Packet Heads for Trash
09/21/2011: Powerful typhoon headed toward Japan disaster zone
09/19/2011: Brad Pitt says thoughts on Aniston misunderstood
09/19/2011: Gary Mar leads Alberta Tory leader vote, but campaign sees low voter turnout
09/17/2011: Police: Man is not long-missing New Mexico boy
09/17/2011: Champions take big lead in Seve Trophy
09/16/2011: Lady Gaga's Record Company Allegedly Was Used in Drug-Trafficking Ring
09/16/2011: Bin Hammam fails with FIFA ban appeal
09/16/2011: Ford's St. Thomas, Ontario plant closes today putting hundreds out of work
09/16/2011: Evicted woman, 101, gets Detroit house back
09/15/2011: Blatter: No deal with UEFA chief Platini
09/15/2011: Solyndra: White House Pushes Back As House Republicans Probe Loan Guarantees
09/15/2011: ¡®Aftershock¡¯ Book Predicts Economic Disaster Amid Controversy
09/15/2011: Dumbest question in the universe
09/14/2011: What an Indonesian Start-Up Can Teach Brands
09/14/2011: Howard Schultz and the Heartbreak of the Self-Hating Corporation
09/14/2011: CBO to debt committee: Cutting now could hurt
09/14/2011: Randall Hopley arrested on kidnapping, child abduction charges
09/13/2011: Last stand in Asia for shy, defenseless anteater
09/13/2011: Calif congresswoman: Campaign robbed of $250,000
09/13/2011: Tea Party Debate: Republican Presidential Candidates Face Off In Florida
09/13/2011: Shia pilgrims shot dead in western Iraq
09/ 9/2011: Preview: Struggling Northwest Faces Tough Test at Parkway Central
09/ 9/2011: AFL-CIO Goes To Bat For Undocumented Workers
09/ 9/2011: Closest Human Ancestor May Rewrite Steps in Our Evolution
09/ 9/2011: Outage affects 6 million in Calif., Ariz., Mexico
09/ 8/2011: Eric Cantor: Congress Will Avoid Government Shutdown With Continuing Resolution
09/ 8/2011: American Airlines Flight 1316 Canceled After Airline Pulls Two Men Off Plane
09/ 7/2011: Police Shoot Man Interfering With Arrest in Upper Manhattan
09/ 7/2011: Pearl Jam Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Concerts At Alpine Valley (PHOTOS)
09/ 6/2011: Convoy of Libyan, Tuareg troops crosses into Niger
09/ 6/2011: Mexico Finds Tunnel On U.S. Border
09/ 5/2011: US regulator to sue banks over subprime mortgage losses
09/ 5/2011: Google's Eric Schmidt rates Apple's Jobs as 'best' CEO
09/ 3/2011: Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed to tie the knot Oct. 1
09/ 2/2011: Wooden rattle being recalled in Canada and U.S. due to choking hazard

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