01/ 5/2012 - Former Mexican kingpin pleads guilty

Though most hostages are released unharmed, 15 died last year, it said. Over the past four years, 3,500 seafarers have been taken hostage and 62 have been killed, karen millenit said.


The report applauded the government's practice of using a number of different departments to tackle the problem, but said it "lacks clear leadership" karen millen and urged the government to "provide a statement clarifying which department has the overall lead on countering piracy."


There is no lack of targets. Some 90% of the world's traded materials are shipped by sea, and 40% of that -- 28,000 ships per year -- goes through the Indian Ocean, karen millen dresses Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea, the report said.


The report put the annual cost of piracy -- including insurance, prosecutions, security and ransoms -- at $7 billion to $12 billion karen millen coats.




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