11/ 4/2011 - Competing closing statements

Pasok would undoubtedly lose but there is a lack of credibility all round. I cannot see any way that Greece can repay all the money it owes even with a 50% haircut cat footwear.


A federal Europe is of no use to them. They would be better with the drachma and to allow the currency to find its own level to make the country more competitive. The future is very bleak cat boots uk.

A worrying development is the increasing crime rate as desperation sets in¡±

The caterpillar boots austerity measures are completely wrong. Businesses are closing on a daily basis resulting in less income for the government and increasing unemployment.


A massive sense of despair is being felt by the people cat boots.

Greece needs investment not punishment. One of the largest sources of income has been the tourist industry but this has been negated by the foreign tourist companies insisting on all-inclusive holidays, which means very little of the cost of the holiday actually comes to Greece.

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