10/19/2011 - MS Office 2010 download Notice also display skyworth increase profits is far greater than the growth of the sales

MS Office 2010 download Notice also display skyworth increase profits is far greater than the growth of the sales

 to this, the board chairman and CEO zhang xuebin evaluation said: "this reflects the product structure optimization, profitability rising the good momentum." He said: "this year with the skyworth 'speed-benefit" as the core of the new operation mode, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

 the completion of the marketing system, speeding up the transformation of logistics system and operating speed, inventory turnover by 44 days reduced to 38 days, for improving the efficiency of the whole enterprise laid a foundation."

Zhang xuebin stressed: "skyworth profits are came from the growth of the business, not the non-operating revenue. Although competitors launch a wave of a wave of price offensive, skyworth using technology advantage efficiently avoid TVS, improve the product price war trap bargaining power and profit margins."

In skyworth have "can be recorded TV", "double screen LCD" technology, on the basis of the August this year and global launch alone door weapon entertainment television "cool open TV", further break away with competing technology gap, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

won the differentiation a competitive advantage, took control of the sitting room entertainment, dominate the future 3 C the commanding heights of the fusion. In addition, the fingerprint identification mobile phones, mirror mobile phones, digital LCD TV wall functions, such as the original creation, advance the birth of the product concept, unique in the market, related technology industry leading to more than six months to a year.

In addition, the improvement of the product structure is an important factor of ascension skyworth benefit. According to the German GFK statistics: Microsoft Office changes life.

2007 1 to 9 months, skyworth ranked first in sales, and new products for color TV sets XiaoShouLv 91%, beating all the Chinese and foreign competitors, continue to lead the Chinese market color TV.




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